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Beauty of our face is God's gift to us. How best we preserve and nurse it depends upon us. We at Dentist & Dontist Dental Clinic help you in this art of preserving God's gift for ever.

Facial beauty is due to balance and harmony in our facial features. Dental arches and proportion of upper and lower jaws add to the beauty of facial features. The sweet smile depends upon the condition of teeth, jaw joints and gums. Important factor in creating a beautiful smile is having the proper amount of upper front teeth display. There are many other factors involved in creating a beautiful smile such as tooth size and shape. Both of these must be balanced with one's facial features, size, sex and age.

Specializing in metallic & Invisible aligners

The doctors at Dentist & Dontist Dental Clinic are the specialists to provide the state-of art services of preserving the beauty of the face in the treatment of correcting the crowded teeth, wide spaces between the teeth, crooked denture, etc. This correction is made very scientifically taking into consideration , the changes that affect the features of the face with appropriate facial sculpting that enhances the balance of facial features , like chin, jaws etc as much relevant as harmonious appearance. This expertise is one of the rare to find talents to advise and apply dental braces for correction of the teeth arrangement. We offer this treatment to any one that needs correction irrespective of age, even 6 years to 60+ years and gender. Sweet 60 + also can have a sweet smile of 16 years, and retain their natural smile.

We have the expertise in applying the most modern techniques in fixing braces. We use Invisible aligners method to straighten teeth. In this method we get aligners made exclusively for each patient. These aligners are made of smooth and invisible plastic that you wear over your tooth. They move your tooth gradually to exactly to the position set by our expert dentists. The aligners are changed once in two weeks and according to the correction plan designed by our expert orthodontists. The advantage is no metal brackets or metal wires used and no one would know you are straightening your teeth.

Invisible Aligners can provide people the possibility to delight in teeth alignment by using braces which are not only practically invisible and undetected, however which are relaxed to use, as well as attain the very same or more desirable outcome in a section of the time.


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By Mani Pavitra